A 13-Panel Drug Test: Importance To Conductance!

Consider you know a friend who is in a drug abuse scenario. If the year was 2010, we can say you cannot do a lot. But in 2021, do not think of this issue as incurable. In addition, we have to think positively. Else, there will be no option for us to consider. We have to consider different ways we can improve our life. Now consider the above example where you find your friend in a difficult situation. From identification to rehab, everything is now under control. But for this, we have to have the best knowledge regarding such a case. 

Drugs are common, in the streets and official places. Moreover, the presence of drugs such as alcohol is immense in consuming products. It means, even the food you eat and drink contains some sort of drug substance. But the damage occurs through raw exposure and consumption of these drugs. Consequently, abundant consumption leads to fatal results. But do not consider death as the final nail. You can identify the drug’s presence in the body. And panel tests help you in this regard. 

Panel Drug Tests 

The difference between the early 2000s and late 2010s is that now we can achieve much more. In addition, we can access loads of things and services in the modern age. Drugs were considered only harmful and eventual-death agents back then. But now, even detection at the final stages cures patients in the best way. However, panel drug tests only make this assumption a reality. A panel drug test allows medical professionals to conduct drug presence tests on a person. And different substances are available for testing. 

But the number of substances to test is determined from the name of the panel test. Every panel drug test contains a prefix such as eight, ten, eleven, etc. These numbers indicate the number of substances that a specific test will screen. Hence, when the case becomes tense, doctors such a higher-order test. Such a test will detect and screen for almost all elements. And the importance of these tests can be understood easily. 

13-Panel Test 

A 13-panel drug test is another name on the never-ending list of panel drug tests. Again, the prefix before the word panel indicates information. That is, it tells the number of substances to test and screen. Hence, such a test will screen for thirteen general substances in the body. Moreover, such a test contains an additional benefit. Such a test is also a higher-order drug test. It helps to determine almost the maximum number of substances.

Below, we have the list of thirteen general test substances:

  1. Amphetamines 
  2. Benzodiazepines
  3. Cocaine 
  4. Fentanyl 
  5. Opiates 
  6. Phencyclidine 
  7. Ecstasy 
  8. Barbiturates 
  9. Buprenorphine 
  10. Ethanol 
  11. Methadone 
  12. Oxycodone 
  13. Marijuana



Often, we see some drugs as positive from a medical perspective. However, their abundance use opens ways for highly fatal effects. A common philosophy regarding drugs is that their normal use is beneficial. However, the same drug becomes fatal when the consumption increases. A prime example is fentanyl. Fentanyl is a great opioid and is often known as the strongest one when removing pain. Headaches and some other general body pains do not stand a chance against it. In addition, it finds importance as anesthesia as well. 

But its wide use also occurs in the form of recreational drugs. It mixes with heroin and cocaine etc. and then serves the purpose of drugs. In essence, with a small shaking up of the quantity, a good thing turns bad. But a drug test is not limited to their general substances. If you intend to conduct a test for fentanyl, there are easier ways than you might think. 

Test Conductance: General and Fentanyl 

Whether you want to conduct the general test or for fentanyl. The best thing is to conduct fentanyl along with your general drug test. It is because you will require a small tweak or addition. And you will perform the test easily for an additional element too. Such a test will be known as 13-panel with Fentanyl

·         Test Sample 

At first, you will need a sample to conduct the test on. For this, a urine sample will do the best and not a blood sample. Urine holds the drug substances and allows easy detection for a good result. But the problem is to contain the urine sample in a container. Hence, you will require a test cup for this. 

·         Test Cup 

Each panel drug test makes use of special drug test cups. For example, a thirteen-panel test will make use of a 13-panel drug test cup. These special cups will be found in a medical facility only and not at homes. For home conducting, you can use a disposable plastic cup. 

·         Test Strip 

A test strip goes into a test cup that helps to indicate substance presence. In a urine sample, the test strips present results by getting wet. However, if you want to test for fentanyl too, you will need a strip specifically for fentanyl. And the test will become 13-panel with a fentanyl test strip

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