How maintain our body fit and active?

How to maintain our body fit and active?

A sound mind is in a healthy body. For our every kind of work, we need a sound mind and fit physic. There are several ways to keep yourself fit and healthy. Unfit person cannot perform his duties well. For all type of actively participation we require a sound brain and we only have a sound brain when we follow these important point:

  • The first and foremost thing is to eat healthy. Healthy diet is closely related to your health. Add fruits, vegetable, meat milk in your diet. Even dietary person can maintain their health by following a portion chart. 
  • Exercise regularly is another major factor that influence on your body fitness. Morning walk is also useful in this regard.
  • Overweight is a curse, it creates lots of health issues inside your body. If you want to keep fit, try to have average weight.
  • If you have balanced diet your skin will be shiny and glowing every time. You have fresh skin as well.
  • Smoking and addiction of tobacco can be very disastrous for your health. It impacts badly on your fitness.
  • Sleep enough to maintain your body healthy and fit. 8 hours sleep is necessary for a healthy body.
  • Drink excessive amount of water will help you to rescue from dehydration. It also help to give you a glowing skin.
  • Reduce screen time help you to maintain your health. Too much addiction of watching mobile and d television will impact badly on your eyesight and health.

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