How we spend healthy life?

As we all know, health is very important for all of us, if we have healthy body, then we can enjoy the nature with our interest. For health life we need to care ourselves, so we can enjoy our life in truly means.  To maintain our health, we need to get up early in the morning and go walk to for the fitness of our body. After walk, come and do strong breakfast, strong breakfast is necessary, because our body to whole the day of working.

How to Spend Healthy Life?

Eat health things in the breakfast, especially females during pregnancies, try to drink one glass of milk at least in the morning to make their baby healthy. Man’s also need to take strong breakfast to do working whole day they need lot of energy. With respect to past scientist study, very few people actually meets the conditions of healthy lifestyle.

Look, how four keys of healthfulness measure up the researchers:

  • Are your Smoker?
  • Does have health weight, or easily losing the weight?
  • Do you take 5 Fruits and vegetables as a food daily?
  • Do at least of 30 minutes of exercise daily 5 times a week?

So We need to get up early in the morning and do exercise daily to keep our body warm up and take healthy foods with all necessary nutrients and vitamins for the proper working of our body. 

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