14-Panel Drug Test Basics & Drug Test Cup Variations

Exposure to drugs is common these days. Several pubs and restaurants though supply you with some exquisite drug products. But they make sure the labeling is a positive one. Thus, it allows you to view these items on a good note. However, the damaging effect is present that harms you a lot. Drugs such as alcohol have a great presence in society. In the older times, we used to see movies that showed alcohol being used to remove the bullets from the wounds. It shows how severe it affects the body and in the wrong way. And now consider drinking it in bulk!

Exposure, drinking, and consumption of drugs are one thing. But their late detection is another. For this, medical researchers have developed panel tests. These tests help you determine which drug substances are present in your body. Hence, through these results, a rehab or medication process begins. But here, it is about the useful element of the kit of panel tests i.e. test cups. However, without considering the basics of the test, it is harsh to move further. 


A Panel Test 

Drugs have great abundance, and their sub-categories will be easily available everywhere. It makes drugs important and their uses immense. However, scientists know how to fight and bounce back. And thus, the result is a panel test. Although such a test conducts for drugs, it carries a meaning to it. The numbers before the test help you to determine the substances for testing. Hence, on the doctor’s advice, you will undergo any prescribed test. A fourteen-panel test, for instance, is capable of screening fourteen basic substances. 

But this does not reflect the boundaries regarding screening elements. Instead, you can easily screen for other elements along with the basic elements in a panel test. It means, elements such as fentanyl, hCG, as well as EtG. All you need is an additional test strip for each of these elements.

Basic Requirement 

Although you will feel that such a test will differ in a lot of ways. However, the prominent difference lies in the substances to screen. In addition, the test conductance method remains identical for each test. And this is the basic requirement. Each panel test requires you to have a urine sample. While most tests require a blood sample, a urine sample is the requirement of a drug test.  

The major reason to obtain a urine sample is for medical reasons. Through blood, the substances flow rapidly and thus they become undetectable. Another reason for this is the thinness of the blood which makes it flowy. In contrast, a urine sample is thick and thus the substances flow gradually. Hence, through a urine sample, the substances become easy to detect. Thus, you will find every drug test requiring a urine sample for conductance.

Test Kit 

A drug test or a panel test requires uniform test kit tools that include:

  • A special test cup or a disposable transparent cup 
  • Test strips for each element 
  • A special drug screen or a cartridge 

Test Cup 

The primary and necessary test tool is a test cup. The primary purpose of a test cup is to contain your urine sample. However, their nature varies alongside their use. Moreover, the test conducting place also determines the test cup to use. 

·         Drug Test Cups 

While conducting or undergoing a drug test in a medical facility, you will see special drug test cups. Such cups have spaces for test strips in them. Thus, depending upon your screening substances, you will find different test strips. A general 14-panel drug test cup will contain fourteen different strips. Each strip is special and unique for each element. And thus, the result of a specific substance will be visible on its test strip only. 

·         Disposable Cups

A disposable cup is what we use generally for parties and events. Although its primary purpose is in drinking, it can offer a different use too. When you are at your home or fear the patient might not be comfortable with a drug test. It is good to use a disposable cup and take his or her urine sample. Later, you can either transfer this to a medical unit. Or you can use a drug screen to screen for substances.  

·         Urine Collection Cups 

While you are at a medical unit and if there is a delay in the test or if the test is to be conducted in another facility. The doctors make sure they have your urine sample a bit early. For this, they use collection cups that hold your urine sample. Later, the cup gets your name other info on it and is sent to the testing facility. 

·         Additional Cups 

Sometimes, we only want to use special cups for special substance testing. But the only thing you need is a test cup that contains the strips for an additional substance. Hence, you will find:

These test cup names tell you that testing an additional element alongside fourteen standard substances is possible. 

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