16-Panel Drug Test: Testing For Maximum Substances

A drug is the only element in the world that has a positive aspect alongside a negative one too. It is upon the quantity of the drug substance that a person consumes. If someone consumes is within the limits, there is no issue. However, even decent drugs react poorly once the dosage increases wrongly. For this, you will see people dying of suffering from the beneficial drugs. For example, fentanyl is a great drug for removing pain. It also helps the patients with anesthesia. But its large quantity makes it a fatal drug. The quantity, though, increases with a mixture of heroin and cocaine, etc. 

However, the drugs appear dangerous but only in an ignorant world. It means you have great exposure and access to medical facilities. Hence, a drug indication is not hard to notice. You need a panel drug test and thus the detection becomes easy. A drug test can determine the drug substances in the body through the easy methodology. Such tests only use standard equipment and thus maintain cost-effective and time-saving testing. 


16-Panel Test 

The prime important aspect of a panel drug test lies in its name. Although you will see the name similar to each other. However, there is a portion for you to consider. Each panel test name has a unique prefix to it that is an integer. The number indicates the full name of the panel test. Moreover, it provides you the information regarding testing substances. For instance, a 16-panel drug test will screen for sixteen basic substances. However, it does not mean you cannot test for an additional substance. 

The second prime important aspect of the panel tests is the ability to test more. For instance, to determine fentanyl presence, you need is to tweak your equipment a bit. Your drug test kit will include an additional test strip. Moreover, you will need a drug screen that can test for fentanyl too. But the basics of the test are mentioned right below. 

·         Test Cup 

At first, a test cup helps best to contain the sample for testing. Each drug test requires a urine sample from the patient’s body. Either you can give the sample in a hospital in a special test cup. Or you can bring the sample from home in a sampling or disposable cup. 

·         Test Strip 

A dedicated test cup contains different test strips. For example, a 16-Panel Drug Test Cup will include sixteen test strips. Each test strip resembles a different substance. But it is to note that each substance and element has its separate test strip. Thus, you will not obtain the results of a substance on any other strip. The same is the case with a 5-panel drug test cup.


·         Test Screen 

 A drug screen helps to determine the results rapidly. The drug screen or cartridge is a plastic rectangular disc that is dipped into the cup. The strips gradually depict results or slowly. However, the screen helps to predict results swiftly. In addition, a screen contains columns instead of strips but the methodology remains the same. 

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