Serve Humanity Is Bigger Than Any Other Thing:

Serve humanity is bigger than any other thing:

Nothing is the bigger deed in this world rather than serve humanity. We all are humans. Beside the division of religion first of all we are humans. Tribes, religions and sect make us divide into many groups. It’s up to us to make us realize that if a person saves a man, he saves the whole humanity. In opposite if a person harms a man, he harms the whole humanity. So we should not bound us in the cage of religions a sects. A noble deed needs no need of any deprivation to perform. There are several ways to serve humanity if one wants to do so.

Here are some steps to serve humanity:

In that case there are basically two conditions,

  • As an individual you can perform this task independently.
  • Team work can be performed to serve humanity.

Alone Independently:

Initially when you decide to serve humanity you have to take start by your own. For this purpose you can perform humans in certain ways.

First Aid Awareness & availability:

If you take the basic knowledge and do practice of this you can serve humanity in certain ways. You can provide help any injure person whether in the way, or in the scenario of any traffic accident, or in any emergency at home.

Give charity:

By making the routine of giving charity, you are serving the humanity directly or indirectly. This is the best way to help people who are in trouble.

Follow the traffic Rules: If you are following traffic rules, you are a responsible citizen. And you are playing a positive role in saving humanity.

Meet with a smiling face:

If you just meet people with a smiling face it is also the ways to serve humanity because it is sadqa e jariya.

So by following some positive acts you can serve humanity.

But if you want to do in on extended level you can gather people or take the help of community or can do the deeds of kindness on district or country level if you have sources.

For this purpose you need to follow these easy steps:

Build a charity foundation:

If you have a team you can work in chain and can find out the problems of many. In this way you can check almost all problems and aspects of the people and can help them in several ways.

For example you can find out the suspicious people around your area can save your whole community.

Or you can start a campaign about any social issue to give justice to poor and needy.

Continuous Effort:

Your continuous effort will lead you to the achievement of higher level.

You will become the hope and inspiration for many, and once your trust and team is recognized you will get known by almost all the people around you. So serving humanity is not only a noble deed but it will help you to make famous and satisfied among people.

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